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I've had today off of deep thinking and experience-examining, but I still want to blog - heck, I'm on a roll here and feeling inspired to write. So today I'm sharing a really short piece about something that makes me smile.

What I have learned about myself in two trips to hospital is that I very much take my values in there with me. I'm every bit as determinedly feminist in a hospital ward as I am on this blog, and even though I was locked up and off my tits on drugs - based on the colouring-in I chose to do, it seems I am fully committed to being an LGBTQ+ ally. I'm even still pro-NHS despite the deep reservations I have about systemic misogyny.

So that's nice to know.

I think I was drawn to this picture because it reminded me a bit of Megan Macphie's wonderful illustrations for Silver Moon. The man on the left looked a bit ringmastery to me; I don't think he would look too out of place at Dr Cornelius' Travelling Circus - minus the toxic masculinity, obviously.

I understand folk are told not to talk to patients about what they get up to when they're not well, in case they feel shamed. I find the whole thing fascinating, and can readily reflect on some of my "strange" hospital behaviours and identify where they come from - usually a place of frustration with a perceived injustice, and a desire to prove a point about how ridiculous and arbitrary many of our social values are.

So this one goes out to the many LGBTQ+ people that I have had the privilege of learning from in the last few years; you are brave and brilliant! I left this picture hidden in a pile of other artwork on the ward last week, just in case it might provide some comfort in a dark place to someone who might be in there after me.




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