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A Big Week

I am on the cusp of what feels like it'll be a big week for me and for The Silver Moon Storybook. It's the start of my Love Books Group blog tour for the book tomorrow, and I am feeling anxious and excited in equal measure.

The reviews I've had so far have been universally positive; this has been a bit of a big deal for me as Silver Moon is an intensely personal work, into which I poured a world of emotion. That's why I get really quite choked up when folk love it; and so far the general consensus is that folk *really really* love it. I am trying hard to believe them and ignore the ever-present inner critic who insists I'm just a wannabe author punting a mediocre book. Does that shit ever go away??

So watch this space as the reviews start coming in. The blog tour was apparently one of the most popular ever for Love Books Group, so we have three or four reviews a day for the next seven days. Will one of them lead to Silver Moon's big break? We can only wait and see.

This is when it's kind of difficult being an indie author - when you're starting to suspect you've created something really quite special, but you're not sure if the world will ever notice because you yourself are such small fry and the marketing budget is basically nonexistent.

Perhaps I should try to engage my inner Ron Burgundy a bit -fake it 'til I make it and all that?

First editions of the Silver Moon Storybook are available to purchase in hardback here.




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