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A Few Reviews

I'm getting back to work after the Christmas holidays, and following up with the various bloggers and journalists who have received copies of The Silver Moon Storybook to review. Here are snippets of the write-ups I've had so far, along with a wee GIF illustrating how they made me feel.

Gemma McLaughlin - The National Newspaper

Although The Silver Moon Storybook is written about fantastical creatures and epic heroes it speaks with vivid honesty about real life and the struggles we face as humans and as a society every day. I cannot quite believe the knowledge and inspiration that these short, magical snippets of life in a different realm has brought me about my own life and assure you you will not regret picking up a copy for yourself.

Read the full review here.

Helen Armet - The Orkney News

This book is tantalising, it invigorates and sends your imagination into overdrive and I can’t recommend it highly enough for both children and adults alike. A book of fairy tales like no other I have read before... ...Thank you Elaine for a book not only full of wonder, but for a book with the ability of making you think to match.

Read the full review here.

Sarah Jane Lamb -

I thought it would be nice to point out how amazing this book is and that you NEED to purchase it, due to the messages it gets across, the stories are so captivating and I didn’t want it to end {i need a second volume..}. Read it yourself, or children, teenagers, grandmas, grandads, EVERYONE! These stories will leave you believing in real life magic, with a touch of sparkle left in your heart, with the realistic spin, not left deflated after yet another man saves everyone...

Read the full review here.

If you are feeling curious and fancy your own copy (first edition - you never know, I might turn out to be the next JK...) you can purchase it here.




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