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Antisocial Media

August 28, 2018

Life's been pretty busy recently, what with the kids being on summer holiday and the book illustrations progressing. I have spent a great deal of time in front of a laptop screen editing drawings and getting sucked into social media. Too much time!


I've found myself falling into the trap of living online instead of in real life; anxious to keep my business profile high on t'interweb I have noticed my posts tailing off whilst I am busy scrolling through whichever social media frenzy catches my eye. I've been saying a lot recently that the only reason I've still got a Facebook profile is because my business page needs it there in the background - and I'm not even creating business posts!


So that's it, I'm giving it up. I have deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone, and won't be checking them any more. I still have a Facebook profile, but only so I can access Messenger from the laptop as that's where illustrator extraordinaire Megan and I discuss the book drawings. It's entirely possible I will bin it altogether once the book is ready to go... 


It feels good! I have some residual anxiety over marketing, but I'm finding that most of my business comes from referrals or people who google "Dr. Hauschka Edinburgh" anyway, so I don't necessarily think it's going to affect me too badly. The best thing I can do marketing-wise I think, is keep this website properly up to date, which I imagine will be a great deal easier if I'm not constantly being distracted by Facebook. I'm planning to keep Instagram on a trial basis, but if I find myself getting too close, it'll get the boot as well. 


I'm so much more productive already - here is a short list of the things I've achieved in the last two days that wouldn't have happened if I was still fannying about on Facebook...


1. I cleared out two bedrooms and an ensuite bathroom 


2. I crocheted a wee hat. ​​


3. I scanned the next batch of book drawings. 


4. I tidied out my wardrobe.


5...and I wrote a blog post!


Bring on the antisocial media era, this feels like a good thing. :-)



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