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Fairy tale injokes

Megan and I are starting to sign off some final drawings for the book now; it's been such a wonderful process to go through, watching my stories come to life - sometimes just how I imagined them, and sometimes in ways that really surprised me.

According to the spreadsheet geek tracker, we are heading towards 10% complete overall, which is brilliant progress given that there are around 98 extremely detailed illustrations in the whole book. Even from initial sketch stage, there have been several that gave me shivers, and when I saw an early version of The Little Witch (see above) the hairs on the back of my neck stood right up.

What I love about what Megan is doing, is how beautifully she is bringing all the things I want to achieve with the drawings together. I wanted nature and botanicals to play a huge part in the book, and just look at these beautiful trees we've got?? She's not afraid to have a bit of fun with the drawings either including references and in-jokes; buy me a gin sometime and I'll explain why there are so many oddly-sized squirrels peeking out from the greenery...

More sneak previews to come in the following weeks I suspect; still hoping to have the book ready for publication in time for Christmas, so do keep an eye on this blog for updates if it's something you think your loved ones might like to find in a stocking. :-)




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