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Faith in Humanity

Every so often you have a day or a week, or sometimes longer, when you just despair for the human race. Maybe you're feeling under the weather, or somebody did or said something thoughtless that hurt your feelings, or maybe you're drowning in admin trying to sort out a nasty, backed-up sewage issue in a tenement block, knowing full well that you're probably going to be a couple of £k out of pocket at the end of it all.

An oddly specific scenario, I know, but that was my week last week. Predictably, many of the people in the stair who should be coughing up to reimburse me for sorting out the whole "garden full of poo" problem, are giving it the old scarlet pimpernel and studiously avoiding me. But five of the other ones have been absolutely lovely, and then on Friday last week I received a beautiful wee card.

One of the residents who doesn't use internet banking went down to Clydesdale Bank last week, only to be told that since my account is held with another bank, it was going to cost her £25 to send me the cash. (In related news, CB - you should hold your head in SHAME for preying like this on people who don't feel comfortable using the internet for finances!)

So in a brilliant subversive and incredibly kind gesture, she simply added £25 to the value of what she owed me for the drains, and posted me a cheque instead with strict instructions to spend the excess on gin.

What a legend!

Faith in humanity status: well and truly restored.

In related news, I am WAY behind on my #52letters project. It's a long story, which I won't bore you with here, but this has inspired me to catch up.




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