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A Truckload of Eggs

I've been dreaming again! Last night, it was about a truckload of eggs - a bit like a lorry for transporting sheep, but absolutely rammed full of gazillions of eggs in cardboard boxes.

The truck was being driven by an elderly man, and I was trying to escape from it; eventually the male cast of Still Game helped me to lure the egg man into a dark tunnel where we crushed all the eggs and I escaped.

Weird, eh?

Well not that weird in context, and with a bit of a witchy feeling for what the symbols in dreams can mean. I woke up and it made perfect sense, and in fact I felt quite euphoric, because this dream held a really important message for me; one that I badly needed to know.

I won't bore you with the details, but I had a bad experience a long time ago that really affected me - emotionally, physically - my whole BodyMind absorbed and internalised the trauma, although I had blocked it out entirely from my conscious brain. When I tuned into the meaning behind my dream in the early hours of this morning, I realised very quickly that the driver of the egg truck represented the author of my trauma, and that the eggs - symbolic of life's potential - represented all the little pockets of horrible stuff that lived in me as a result of that experience, and that may or may not have manifested (hatched) into the reality I create in my life.

The cast of Still Game outnumbered the driver about five to one - clearly there are many more nice old guys who will help you out, than there are horrible egg truck drivers who seek to propagate their nastiness in your life. Which is good news!

Together, we led the egg truck driver and his load to destruction in a dark tunnel that symbolises my subconscious; we literally went into my subconscious and destroyed the pockets of trauma that the egg man had driven there. I've done SO much work on my mental health recently that this was an incredibly welcome message.

I am getting there.

I am supported.

I am breaking free from the egg man. Coo coo ca choo




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