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This year I have been working on reclaiming my wildness. I grew up in such a remote, rural place, but sometimes I forget that my roots are in nature, and barely get outside beyond the school run, which is really not helpful for keeping me grounded. ​​

Using Dr. Hauschka products started me on the path back to nature, I think. I was 26, riddled with acne, and living in urban Edinburgh. Of course, Edinburgh isn't exactly a huge city, and its green areas can be a delight (think blossom trees in the Meadows in Spring) but as a child of Caithness, it still felt really concrete and grey to me. Dr. Hauschka's biodynamically grown ingredients brought a little bit of the wildness of the garden into my bathroom every day, and year on year I have found myself coming a little bit closer back to nature.

This year, that process has sped up exponentially. My lovely wee dog Evie gets me out and about every day, and most mornings I'm out walking her along the canal or through the farmers' fields beside Ratho by about 6.30am (she's noisy in the mornings!)

I've even started wild swimming. Last week I was up at Threipmuir Reservoir in my cheapie wetsuit, ready for my maiden voyage. I didn't last long in the water, as I was a bit shocked at how restrictive the wetsuit was; I am used to slipping effortlessly through water - I've never been much of an athlete, but being a bit witchy of course I float... ;-)

But I loved it! Absolutely loved it, and I have invested in a proper swimming wetsuit with flexible shoulders so that I can make the most of my strength in the water. I'm hoping to get off up again on Wednesday, so will let you know how I get on.

All this getting back to nature helps to ground me, which in turn helps me be a better therapist. My reiki is off the chart these days, and the intuition whilst I'm treating clients is super-strong.

Here's a pic of my short first swim, taken by my number one son. I'm the teeny white dot as indicated by the big red arrow. I'm going to keep ramping up the wildness, it does me and my work so much good.




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