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6 letters in...

I'm 6 letters into my project to write and send one gratitude letter a week throughout 2018, and what a lovely experience it has been so far.

I'm ahead of myself slightly, as I nearly missed a week last week (birthday shenanigans - prosecco involved) and decided to front-load a few for the sake of giving me some leeway later in the year in case I need it. I have been fighting off a cold this week, and today I have Adam at home full of the cold himself, so there's been plenty of leisure to sit and think about people I want to thank. Which is nice, actually, because usually when there's lurgy in the house I'm feeling fed up and just want everybody to get well so that we can get back to normal...

That's the difference a bit of gratitude can make.

What I also love about this process, is how it's encouraging me to pay more attention to the skills and experiences that I'm thanking people for, and that in turn is making me use them more. Letter #2 went to one of my high school English teachers, to thank her for turning me from a teenager who could write into a writer - and here we are, I'm writing more and more every day and have a book on the way.

Letter #6 will shortly be winging its way to the old friend who taught me how to swing and breathe fire in my last year of school, and now I'm hatching plans with local fiery friends to come up with something fun performance-wise for Ratho Village at Halloween. (That one really will be fun - watch this space!)

The process of deciding who I need to write to is not one that I plan out at all, people pop into my head from time to time, and as I am learning more and more to do these days, I just go with it and try not to question why.

I'm looking forward to finding out who pops up in February and beyond. :-)




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