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The Weaver

As you will know if you follow this blog, in my downtime from providing Dr Hauschka and Reiki therapy, I am also working on a collection of feminist fairytales that will (fingers crossed) be published later this year by Wysewomen Publishing.

These fairy tales mostly come to me in dreams, where a symbol or an event seems important to me, and then weaves itself into a story as I sit down at the laptop to think it over. This week, my wonderful illustrator Megan Macphie is working on initial sketches for The Weaver, which is one of my favourite stories in the book.

The source of this one was a very very weird dream I had back in the summer of 2017 whilst on holiday in Italy with my family. I dreamed that a strange (and awful) Donald Trump / Henry VIII hybrid propositioned me. I was, of course, horrified and refused, at which point a giant spider descended to attack us. The Donald/Henry hybrid stood in front of me to shield me from the horrible spider, and I felt a strong sensation of being safe and protected, with much warmer feelings towards my awful protector.

Of course dreams are obscure, and they don't necessarily tell you things in a straightforward way, but on sitting down to think this one over it was clear to me that my innate feminine power (as represented by the giant spider) was terrifying to me, and given the choice it might feel more comfortable to hide in the protection and familiarity of the patriarchy. For what better figureheads for the patriarchy could you imagine, than two of the most openly anti-woman leaders the world has ever seen?

The Weaver turns this concept into the story of a woman who chooses the "safety" of protection by the patriarchy over embracing and owning her feminine power, and as with most of my stories the metaphors than came with the dream remain intact - hence the giant spider!

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