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A meaningful dream

I had a bit of a bizarre dream the other night. In the last year I've been paying more and more attention to my dreams, as they seem to be a source of much helpful information as I learn more and more about myself as a holistic therapist and a person.

This one involved two trees which I have just planted in the front

garden (the garden is undergoing a makeover after we wrecked it by putting my therapy room on to the side of the house last year), a Dwarf Fuji Cherry Tree, and an American Redbud Lavender Twist. I am beside myself with excitement waiting for these beauties to flower in the spring, and clearly they have crept into my sleeping subconscious as well.

I dreamed that the trees were coming into flower, but all the buds were defective and as soon as they began to bloom they would become bloated and heavy, and fall away. It didn't take me too long to figure out what was going on - what with the new and exciting dream-tuning-in ability that has come to me over the last few months.

I have gone through huge personal growth in the last couple of years, changing completely from an underconfident, self-doubter, into much more of a can-do person as I learn to really accept and love myself.

At the time of my dream, I was going through a blip - call it January blues if you like, but I felt rubbish and grumpy, and worried that all that my progress was slipping away. So in that context, the dream made perfect sense - trees represent growth to me, so I was worrying that the beauty of my own personal growth was dying and coming away just as I was ready to enjoy it.

Do you have mad dreams? I have them constantly, and they are often absolutely jam-packed with information that is helpful to me in my waking life. Once a week I put a shout-out on my Facebook page, providing free dream interpretations. If you would like me to share what comes to me for any of yours, just like my page and pop on over.




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