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I've experienced a huge surge in creativity in the last year, finally moving away from my traditional employment mindset and becoming more and more comfortable in my new portfolio career.

Training as a Dr. Hauschka esthetician was a huge step forward for me, finally embracing what I *want* to do professionally and then working hard to turn that dream into a reality was incredibly fulfilling. I couldn't be happier with my choice of supplier, the products are divine (and they really work!) and spending my days coated to the elbows in lush organic and natural skincare really aint a bad way to make a living! :-)

However there is another compartment in my portfolio, which has to do with writing, which I have enjoyed all my life. Just before Christmas 2017 I was offered a book deal, with a view to printing a collection of feminist fairy tales that started coming to me (in dreams, would you believe...) at the end of last summer.

We are currently in the illustration phase of the project, and I am working with an incredibly talented young woman called Megan McPhie who is busy bringing my stories to life as we speak. I *could not* be more excited, and what she has done so far gives me goosebumps.

So watch this space for more updates at this book moves closer and closer to publication. I will leave you with an early version of one of my favourite images from Megan - I didn't even know exactly what I wanted, but as soon as I saw these "Trophy Wives" I got shivers. And I reckon that's got to be a good thing!




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