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March 15, 2019

​​It's been a busy week, keeping track of all the lovely articles that have been written on the Love Books Group Blog Tour for The Silver Moon Storybook. I suspect I've been a bit of a bore on Twitter, but nevertheless I am giving myself full permission to enjoy all th...

March 10, 2019

I am on the cusp of what feels like it'll be a big week for me and for The Silver Moon Storybook. It's the start of my Love Books Group blog tour for the book tomorrow, and I am feeling anxious and excited in equal measure. 

The reviews I've had so far have been univers...

March 5, 2019

Where the north wind blows restlessly over a bleak and lonely land, there lived a family of five large and hardy brothers and one silent sister. The brothers worked long and hard every day, farming the land and tending the beasts that provided food and companionship fo...

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