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In case you missed it...

So last Thursday evening was the Holyrood 2021 hustings for Lothian. I was ​​extremely nervous after a bad experience the week before at the Westminster hustings (let's just say it's probably for the best that the Skype kept cutting out on me) but I managed to scrape through this one not too badly at all. All the candidates were brilliant, so it's fair to say the Lothian list will be super-strong for 2021, whichever order we end up in. For anybody who missed it, here is the list of the questions that we were asked, and how I would *actually* answer them outside of an incredibly high-stress environment. Plus one or two comedy GIFs, obviously - because this is me after all. 1 - If you were ele

Why feelings matter

So here I am, eschewing the book-writing thing for a while to focus on politics - mostly because as valid as its messages are, The Silver Moon Storybook isn't going to change the world, and the world badly needs changing right now. In an unexpected twist, I'm putting myself forward for selection to the Scottish Green Party regional list for Lothian, for the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections. In the recent podcast I made with Lorna Slater, co-leader of the Scottish Greens I talked a bit about my reasons for standing, what led me to the decision to go into politics, and why I think people (especially women) need to get involved. If you're interested in a bit of background, it's definitely wor




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