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Dear Women, Non-Binary People and People of Colour...

In some exciting non book-related news, I recently decided to put myself forward for selection as a candidate for Holyrood 2021 for the Scottish Greens. Today I treated myself to a day of undisturbed writing to celebrate the kids going back to school. Here's what I came up with: __________________________________________________________ When I was a wee girl of about 8, I came home from school one day inspired by the presence of Maggie Thatcher in number 10 (minus any sort of clue about policy, obviously…) and announced to my Dad that I had decided to be the Prime Minister when I grew up. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “Great – do that. You’ll do a better job than the shower in there

You have no power over me...

Back in the Labyrinth day, eight year old me was surrounded by males jostling for position at the expense of females; in the school gym I had already noted the double standard whereby I was given a dressing down for getting overexcited and squealing during a game of pirates, while the boys (one in particular) ran unpunished up and down the gym effing and blinding at the top of their voices, and slapping girls on their way past. Home life felt like a perpetual struggle to have any meaningful power at all, and the real world felt scary and unfair, so I retreated into books and fantasy where I felt safe. I remember seeing a clip of Labyrinth on some Saturday morning kids' TV show, and knew inst

The Mermaid Summer

I am in the mood for a new writing project, so have decided to work on a wee series​​ about bits and pieces of culture, art and literature that have inspired and influenced me through the years. Many of them have made their way into The Silver Moon Storybook in one guise or another - there being very little in the world that's actually brand new, I am self-aware enough to understand that there's a real mishmash of influences at play in my work. First up is The Mermaid Summer by Mollie Hunter, which was one of my favourite books as a child. I was a very introverted, underconfident child; never felt "good enough" and was constantly on high alert for the next criticism or telling-off that was c




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