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The Blog Tour Roundup

​​It's been a busy week, keeping track of all the lovely articles that have been written on the Love Books Group Blog Tour for The Silver Moon Storybook. I suspect I've been a bit of a bore on Twitter, but nevertheless I am giving myself full permission to enjoy all the lovely feedback on my book baby. Here's a roundup of a few of my favourites so far (bearing in mind we still have another 2.5 days to go....) "The Silver Moon Story Book comprises several magical, emotional tales that will appeal to readers young and old. Written with a strand of feminism weaving through each, the stories explore themes such as grief, loneliness, power, joy and love. The stories, I think will appeal to life-l

A Big Week

I am on the cusp of what feels like it'll be a big week for me and for The Silver Moon Storybook. It's the start of my Love Books Group blog tour for the book tomorrow, and I am feeling anxious and excited in equal measure. The reviews I've had so far have been universally positive; this has been a bit of a big deal for me as Silver Moon is an intensely personal work, into which I poured a world of emotion. That's why I get really quite choked up when folk love it; and so far the general consensus is that folk *really really* love it. I am trying hard to believe them and ignore the ever-present inner critic who insists I'm just a wannabe author punting a mediocre book. Does that shit ever go

The Silent Sister

Where the north wind blows restlessly over a bleak and lonely land, there lived a family of five large and hardy brothers and one silent sister. The brothers worked long and hard every day, farming the land and tending the beasts that provided food and companionship for the family. The sister stayed at home, as she had been raised, keeping house, growing vegetables in the garden and cooking meals for her brothers. She worked as hard as any of them but spoke never a word, for she had long ago learned that one woman’s voice is to five busy men as the plaintive cry of a solitary curlew is to the noisy honking of a gaggle of geese. So being a practical woman, the sister tried to content herself




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