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The White Duck

Down by the canal basin, where the reeds grow thick and green beside murky water, and the monstrous pike rises sleepily from the depths to draw circular patterns on his ceiling, there lived a bevy of beautiful, proud white swans and a raft of bustling brown ducks. These two families had lived side by side on the canal for many years, and rarely spoke, except to exchange dignified squabbles now and then for the garden peas that laughing local children threw into the water from the towpath from time to time. Nobody could quite remember why the two families of waterfowl had decided not to be friends; Grandma Swan had been heard to mumble darkly of upstart ducks getting above their station, and

The Dream

So the dream was that The Silver Moon Storybook would be for colouring-in as well as reading; this was driven by my realisation at 35 that I'm actually as much of a visual learner as I am wordy and numbery. I wanted my readers to have the chance to absorb the positive messages in Silver Moon by reading, and then again by bringing Megan MacPhie's wonderful illustrations to life through colouring them in. Sadly the whole newbie self-publishing thing meant my budget would only stretch to the most basic of print settings, so the illustrations in the book itself aren't really big enough to colour in. So as a compromise I am loading some of my favourite illustrations on here for readers to downloa




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