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Won't somebody please think of the men?

There's another blog review of my book en route shortly, which is very exciting. I'll share details as soon as I receive them - hopefully in the next week or so. In the meantime, the lovely reviewer forced me into a bit of self-analysis today with the following question: "I guess the only thing that intrigued me a bit was that there does seem quite an emphasis on male characters for a feminist book so if you could give me a quote on why that is the case, that would be helpful." So it took me a good hour and a half to distill it all down and figure out *why* I was so determined to include men in my book of #feministfairytales, but I got there in the end. Here's what I wrote... "I included se

Book Babies

​​So it turns out Nicola from Wysewomen Publishing was absolutely spot-on, and books are almost exactly like babies. They're exhausting, stressful and painful to produce, a labour of love. They force you to confront strengths, weaknesses and feelings you didn't even know you had. They come when they're ready, everybody congratulates you and makes a fuss of you... And then suddenly it's time to face the reality of life as a published author, with your whole subconscious downloaded onto pages for anybody to read and judge. If you're good/lucky (which by and large I have been so far) folk will read what you've written and take the messages you intended from it. But you also have to resign yours

A Few Reviews

I'm getting back to work after the Christmas holidays, and following up with the various bloggers and journalists who have received copies of The Silver Moon Storybook to review. Here are snippets of the write-ups I've had so far, along with a wee GIF illustrating how they made me feel. Gemma McLaughlin - The National Newspaper Although The Silver Moon Storybook is written about fantastical creatures and epic heroes it speaks with vivid honesty about real life and the struggles we face as humans and as a society every day. I cannot quite believe the knowledge and inspiration that these short, magical snippets of life in a different realm has brought me about my own life and assure you you wi




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