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The Strong Man

Folk were asking me this weekend where I get the inspiration for my feminist fairy tales. This is a question I love answering, firstly because some of the answers are hilarious (The Weaver originated in a particularly vivid dream where Henry VIII saved me from a giant spider), and secondly because some of them give me an excuse to share material that I believe every person in the world should see. The Strong Man is one of my favourite stories from the book, where a bit of an underwhelming character from one of the other fairy tales gets the chance to redeem himself as a decent man. The inspiration for this story came from a wonderful TED talk that Justin Baldoni gave earlier this year. You c

Fun at the fair

I was at the Ratho Primary School Christmas Fair with my delicious Hauschka goodies and The Silver Moon Storybook today. It was a fun, busy day, and I sold plenty from both my product lines. There was loads of interest in the book in particular; I managed to sell the best part of two boxes which went way beyond my expectations. *pats self on back* In the meantime, marketing my feminist fairy tales continues apace - watch this space for upcoming blog reviews, and (excitingly) write-ups in The National newspaper and The Orkney Times. It feels like the world is really ready for fairy tales with a bit of a difference. Hopefully the journalists and bloggers I have been sending copies to will agre




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