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​​I used to be a project manager in financial services, and then again for ​​NHS Education for Scotland. This means I am more than familiar with the concept of "slippage", when you realise during a project that you're not going as fast as you planned. With hindsight, perhaps aiming to write and publish a whole book in less than a year was a bit, erm, ambitious? In any event, it's time to retire the hashtag #feministfairytales2018 and move on to the slightly less time-sensitive #feministfairytales. New target is to be ready in plenty of time for Edinburgh Book Festival next summer. In the meantime, my fabulous illustrator Megan Macphie continues to knock it out the park as far as the drawings

Even Wilder

We spent an absolute fortune on holiday this year, so for the rest of the summer holidays I am determined to reel myself in on the cash front. This led to an impromptu foray into wild camping last Sunday, when my pal and I decided at the eleventh hour to take seven kids and two dogs away to Yellowcraigs Beach for the night. We had a lovely, if exhausting, time. Just need to do some more research and reccies into wild camping spots that are a wee bit more accessible than the one we used at Yellowcraigs - it turns out that hefting stacks of camping gear quarter of a mile there and back puts you in dire need of a head to toe rub-down with Dr. Hauschka Birch Arnica Body Oil. I was one gigantic a




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