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I have been agonising for months now over what to call my book of ​​feminist fairy tales! I've been using the hashtag #feministfairytales2018 on here and on social media when discussing it, which is catchy and fun (if worryingly close to expiry as the process of illustration marches on anon), but I always knew I was going to have to come up with a proper title some day. So this morning I sat down and committed to thinking about it properly. I always assumed the name would just come to me, and in a sense I suppose it did, but it didn't just pop out of thin air. I did a good deal of brain-dumping into the laptop, coming up with words and images that felt good, and thinking about what the stori

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Megan and I are starting to sign off some final drawings for the book now; it's been such a wonderful process to go through, watching my stories come to life - sometimes just how I imagined them, and sometimes in ways that really surprised me. According to the spreadsheet geek tracker, we are heading towards 10% complete overall, which is brilliant progress given that there are around 98 extremely detailed illustrations in the whole book. Even from initial sketch stage, there have been several that gave me shivers, and when I saw an early version of The Little Witch (see above) the hairs on the back of my neck stood right up. What I love about what Megan is doing, is how beautifully she is b




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