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Faith in Humanity

Every so often you have a day or a week, or sometimes longer, when you just despair for the human race. Maybe you're feeling under the weather, or somebody did or said something thoughtless that hurt your feelings, or maybe you're drowning in admin trying to sort out a nasty, backed-up sewage issue in a tenement block, knowing full well that you're probably going to be a couple of £k out of pocket at the end of it all. An oddly specific scenario, I know, but that was my week last week. Predictably, many of the people in the stair who should be coughing up to reimburse me for sorting out the whole "garden full of poo" problem, are giving it the old scarlet pimpernel and studiously avoiding me

A Truckload of Eggs

I've been dreaming again! Last night, it was about a truckload of eggs - a bit like a lorry for transporting sheep, but absolutely rammed full of gazillions of eggs in cardboard boxes. The truck was being driven by an elderly man, and I was trying to escape from it; eventually the male cast of Still Game helped me to lure the egg man into a dark tunnel where we crushed all the eggs and I escaped. Weird, eh? Well not that weird in context, and with a bit of a witchy feeling for what the symbols in dreams can mean. I woke up and it made perfect sense, and in fact I felt quite euphoric, because this dream held a really important message for me; one that I badly needed to know. I won't bore you


This year I have been working on reclaiming my wildness. I grew up in such a remote, rural place, but sometimes I forget that my roots are in nature, and barely get outside beyond the school run, which is really not helpful for keeping me grounded. ​​ Using Dr. Hauschka products started me on the path back to nature, I think. I was 26, riddled with acne, and living in urban Edinburgh. Of course, Edinburgh isn't exactly a huge city, and its green areas can be a delight (think blossom trees in the Meadows in Spring) but as a child of Caithness, it still felt really concrete and grey to me. Dr. Hauschka's biodynamically grown ingredients brought a little bit of the wildness of the garden into m

Sense of Wonder

I just finished watching Wonder Woman. What a movie! ​​ Photo credit to Sarah Satrun. It couldn't have come at a better time for me, as I just finished the first draft of The Sea Queen, and I have been consulting with my amazing illustrator Megan MacPhie about how best to bring her to life. Megan's a good decade and a half younger than me, so sometimes we find ourselves with frame of reference disparity - I go to movies and images that influenced me in the eighties and nineties for inspiration, at which time Megan wasn't even born! This week we were coming up with the Sea Queen's character study, so that Megan knows how to draw her in the various illustrations for the story, and I ended up s

My Mermaid

I've been blocked for about a month and a half now; the fairy tales have dried up​​ and I've had zero inspiration for what's going to happen in the end, or what needs to happen illustration-wise. This should be worrying me, but weirdly it's not; it feels a bit like the universe is timing everything very carefully for me at the moment. I've been going through some personal stuff, and integrating a huge shift in energy over the last six weeks; and trusting the process as I try to do these days, I feel like perhaps there are just some things I need to learn or experience before the details of my seventh fairy tale The Sea Queen come to me in full. What I know so far, is that The Sea Queen is a




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