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6 letters in...

I'm 6 letters into my project to write and send one gratitude letter a week throughout 2018, and what a lovely experience it has been so far. I'm ahead of myself slightly, as I nearly missed a week last week (birthday shenanigans - prosecco involved) and decided to front-load a few for the sake of giving me some leeway later in the year in case I need it. I have been fighting off a cold this week, and today I have Adam at home full of the cold himself, so there's been plenty of leisure to sit and think about people I want to thank. Which is nice, actually, because usually when there's lurgy in the house I'm feeling fed up and just want everybody to get well so that we can get back to normal.

The Weaver

As you will know if you follow this blog, in my downtime from providing Dr Hauschka and Reiki therapy, I am also working on a collection of feminist fairytales that will (fingers crossed) be published later this year by Wysewomen Publishing. These fairy tales mostly come to me in dreams, where a symbol or an event seems important to me, and then weaves itself into a story as I sit down at the laptop to think it over. This week, my wonderful illustrator Megan Macphie is working on initial sketches for The Weaver, which is one of my favourite stories in the book. The source of this one was a very very weird dream I had back in the summer of 2017 whilst on holiday in Italy with my family. I dre

The Changeling

Work is continuing apace with the illustrations for my feminist fairy tales. The Changeling, which was the third story I wrote for my forthcoming book, has several really wonderful images in progress already. I'm excited about this story for many reasons (of which the gorgeous emerging illustrations by Megan MacPhie have got to be right at the top of the list), and I'm interested to see what the response will be to a feminist fairy tale that's actually about how patriarchy can affect men. Several of my stories have men at the heart of them, as although I'm a right-on feminist with women's rights at the forefront, I'm certainly not blind to the many insidious ways in which misogyny hurts men

A meaningful dream

I had a bit of a bizarre dream the other night. In the last year I've been paying more and more attention to my dreams, as they seem to be a source of much helpful information as I learn more and more about myself as a holistic therapist and a person. This one involved two trees which I have just planted in the front garden (the garden is undergoing a makeover after we wrecked it by putting my therapy room on to the side of the house last year), a Dwarf Fuji Cherry Tree, and an American Redbud Lavender Twist. I am beside myself with excitement waiting for these beauties to flower in the spring, and clearly they have crept into my sleeping subconscious as well. I dreamed that the trees were c


I've experienced a huge surge in creativity in the last year, finally moving away from my traditional employment mindset and becoming more and more comfortable in my new portfolio career. Training as a Dr. Hauschka esthetician was a huge step forward for me, finally embracing what I *want* to do professionally and then working hard to turn that dream into a reality was incredibly fulfilling. I couldn't be happier with my choice of supplier, the products are divine (and they really work!) and spending my days coated to the elbows in lush organic and natural skincare really aint a bad way to make a living! :-) However there is another compartment in my portfolio, which has to do with writing,

The great gratitude letter-writing campaign.

At the beginning of the New Year I made a resolution. This was unique among my New Year’s Resolutions in being absolutely nothing to do with how fat, skint, lazy, selfish or otherwise unsatisfactory I may or may not be, and everything to do with trying to cast a wee bit of positivity into 2018. I found 2017 a bit troublesome overall; for one reason or another the world always seemed to be a bit of a grim place, filled with grim people, grim opinions and grim events. But I decided to look at 2018 differently, and instead of chasing about in ever decreasing circles complaining about the overwhelming rubbishness of modern life in general (and me in particular), I decided to pay attention to the




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